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The Pistenclub congratulates on

10 years of Bilster Berg

22 March 2023| Pistenclub-News
On 1 June 2013, Bilster Berg was officially opened after almost 20 months of construction. The Pistenclub was there from the beginning as a trackday organiser. Therefore, we would like to congratulate the test and presentation track in East Westphalia - and you can win something to celebrate!

2023 is a special year for the BILSTER BERG. Because 10 years ago, on 1 June 2013, the BILSTER BERG was officially opened after an almost seven-year planning and approval phase and after a construction period of just under 20 months. The first new circuit in western Germany for over 80 years. In these 10 years, the BILSTER BERG has established and developed itself as a test and presentation track in Europe. The medium-sized company continues to focus on sustainable development for the near future, e.g. through photovoltaic systems and the expansion of renewable energies.

"It has not always been an easy road and the BILSTER BERG has had to overcome many hurdles. We have managed to make the BILSTER BERG internationally known. It is now one of the leading companies in the field of test, event and presentation tracks, which is regularly used for the development of new drive technologies," says Managing Director Hans-Jürgen von Glasenapp.

BILSTER Berg Managing Director Hans-Jürgen von Glasenapp

We are proud to be able to say after 10 years that we were there from the beginning. It all started for us on 11 February 2012 with a walk-through of the construction site - at that time still without an asphalt strip, but with snow. Only 15 months later, we were able to organise the first trackday on the Bilster Berg, even before the official opening date.

Instructor and webmaster Felix Aretz still remembers the event well: "The Bilster Berg has a lot of crests, so you don't see right away where you have to go. After a few laps you get used to it, but at that time the track was new for all participants. So we had the idea to put pylons all over the track to mark the turn-in and apex points. The only problem was that we didn't know exactly where these points were, because we weren't allowed on the track ourselves before the day of the event. So we went out on the track in the morning, before the participants arrived, and were able to gain our first experiences. During the drivers' briefing, the pylons were positioned so that we were ready at the last minute.

Upcoming events

Trackday Bilster Berg
Sunday, 30.06.2024 09:00
Price: from 590€
Trackday Bilster Berg
Saturday, 31.08.2024 09:00
Price: from 590€
Trackday Bilster Berg
Friday, 27.09.2024 09:00
Price: from 590€

Milestones in the history of the Bilster Berg

  • 1970 - 1993

    Use of the site as an ammunition depot for the NATO Rhine Army

  • April 2004

    The idea of a track is born and the first concepts are developed

  • August 2011

    Granting of the building and operating permit

  • 27 September 2011

    Groundbreaking and laying of the foundation stone

  • 11 February 2012

    Site inspection for the Pistenclub team

  • April 2013

    Official opening of the track and commissioning of the Bilster Berg

  • 2 May 2013

    First Pistenclub Trackday

  • 1 June 2013


  • 20 May 2023

    50. Pistenclub-Trackday

Today, the BILSTER BERG is mostly rented by car manufacturers who use the track for tests and presentations. Thanks to the white label principle, it is also popular for product presentations. "The BERG is even ideal as a film track. It has already been the playground of film and advertising shoots several times, and at the end of March it will even be seen in the new "MANTA MANTA - PART TWO". The filming for this took place with us last summer," reports von Glasenapp.

The BILSTER BERG also includes an off-road course, a clubhouse, a driving dynamics area and a restaurant run by regional restaurateurs Marcus Schuster and Thorsten Federschmid.


On the occasion of our anniversary, we would not only like to congratulate Bilster Berg and thank them for their great cooperation and trust in the past years, but also all participants of our events. For this reason, there is something for you to win!

Competition prizes

All correct entries will be entered into a draw for the following prizes:

  • Trackday voucher worth €100 and a Bilster Berg goodie pack consisting of a cap, lanyard and stickers.

  • Trackday voucher worth €75

  • Trackday voucher worth €50

The vouchers can be redeemed at all Pistenclub events. We will send you the goodie package by post.

The question

A little background knowledge about the Bilster Berg is necessary to have a chance of winning one of the prizes. In the following photo from our site visit in February 2012, you can see one of the 19 turns of the Bilster Berg. We would like you to tell us the name of the turn. As a little hint, we have given you a few possible answers.

The closing date for entries is Friday 14 April 2023. We wish you every success with your entry!