With the beginning of the 2015 season, race drivers need a further license in addition to the regular driver’s license, the so-called DMSB Permit Nordschleife, in order to participate in certain races on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. These include the VLN championship and the 24 hour race. Also, in this season it is possible to obtain the DMSB Permit Nordschleife during a trackday with the Pistenclub. As a DMSB certified provider, we are at your disposal with many years of experience in motorsports.


Current course dates for obtaining the DMSB Permit Nordschleife


Things to know about the Nordschleifen license


What is the DMSB Permit Nordschleife?

The DMSB Permit Nordschleife, also known as Nordschleifen license or Nordschleifen permit, is a license introduced in 2015 that is required in order to participate in certain racing events on the Nordschleife. These include:

  • VLN Championship
  • ADAC 24-Hour Race and qualifying race
  • RCN race Schwedenkreuz
  • Youngtimer Trophy
  • FHR Series

The introduction of the Nordschleifen license aims at increasing safety at racing events. The fact that participants go through a comprehensive process of training courses and driving lessons ensures substantial racing experience on the Nordschleife.


What are the different permit levels?

The DMSB Permit Nordschleife is divided into three categories. Depending on the race series or vehicle class in which you want to start, you need one of the following permit levels:

  • Youngtimer Trophy, FHR Series and RCN race Schwedenkreuz
    • For participation, Permit Level C is sufficient, regardless of the vehicle class.
  • VLN Championship and 24-hour qualifying race
    • If your vehicle has a power-to-weight ratio of more than 4.5 kg / hp - e.g. VLN production cars (V class), BMW M235i Racing Cup, TMG GT86 Cup and Opel Astra OPC Cup - Permit Level B is required.
    • If your vehicle has a power-to-weight ratio of less than 4.5 kg / hp - e.g. VLN specials (SP classes) or Porsche Carrera Cup - you need Permit Level A.
  • ADAC 24-Hour Race
    • For participation in the ADAC 24-Hour Race, Permit Level A is needed, regardless of the vehicle class.

The power-to-weight ratios specified in Level A and B are reference values of the DMSB.


Which requirements do I need to fulfil to receive the Nordschleifen permit?

Application for the Permit Levels C, B and A requires the completion of the age of 18.

Permit Level C

You can apply for Permit Level C directly at the DMSB if you can prove that you have participated in 2 RCN performance tests within the last 36 months. The Permit Level C may also be acquired through a special training course. The respective racing series organizer will provide more information on this.

Permit Level B

Obtaining Permit Level B depends on your driver's license.

  • Holders of a national A license or international D license can take part in one of our permit courses after participating in 3 RCN races within 24 months and a ranking in the top 75% of the class, and may then apply for the Permit Level B.
  • Holders of an international C license can go directly to one of our permit courses and then apply for Permit Level B.

Permit Level A

Requirement for application for the Permit Level A is the Permit Level B as well as the participation in a total of 2 races of the VLN Championship. You will need to achieve 18 laps and a ranking within the top 75% of your class.


How does a training course look like and how can I apply for the permit?

Our courses for obtaining the DMSB Permit Nordschleife Level B consist of an approximately 2.5 hours theoretical part, taking place in the evening just before our trackdays, as well as a practical part during our trackday. The second day begins with a compulsory driver’s briefing and 8 guided laps, during which a maximum of 4 course participants follow an instructor in the leading vehicle while receiving instructions via radio. During these 8 rounds, an intervention car exercise will be performed. Afterwards, the participants will drive at least 8 laps without an instructor to get further driving practice on the Nordschleife. More information on the training course can be found directly at our course dates.

If the course has been passed, the permit can be requested directly via the MyDMSB portal. The costs (per year) amount to 25 € for Level C, 50 € for Level B and 76 € for Level A.


Can the DMSB Permit Nordschleife be withdrawn or downgraded?

Yes, because the DMSB has introduced a so-called “penalty point register” for DPN obligatory events that are held on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Among other things, it regulates the disregard of the maximum speed in the pit lane as well as the disregard of flag signs.

The accumulation of a total of 3 points or violation of Level 4 of the DMSB Circuit Regulations (speeding > 50 km/h in qualifying / racing during double-waved yellow flags or Code 60 flags) will result in a temporary withdrawal of the Nordschleifen license. Regardless of the penalty point register, a sports law procedure can also be initiated.

Furthermore, a downgrade can take place. This happens automatically if the applicant has not participated in a permit race within the last 5 years.


When does the Pistenclub offer courses to obtain the permit?

We endeavour to offer a permit course for all our full-day trackdays on the Nordschleife. Upcoming events:


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