Getting familiar with the track in a small group

For most of our trackdays, we offer so-called guided laps, which can be booked for an extra charge of only 50 € / 55 CHF. These last approximately 30 minutes, and you will get familiar with the track in a small guided group before the free driver’s training. All drivers follow an experienced instructor in the lead car. On most routes, communication takes place via radio device or the instructor's announcements.

Our guided laps are aimed especially at beginners who want to develop a feeling for the route in a relaxed atmosphere. Overall, a pace is driven, which every participant can easily handle. The distance between the cars needs to be big enough so that an optimal drive flow is ensured.


Change of positions analogous to the Belgian tourniquet

The change of positions takes place analogous to the principle of the Belgian tourniquet, which is known from cycling: after each round, the participant, which is immediately behind the lead vehicle, moves aside, lets all other drivers pass, and falls back to the very end of the group. As the first vehicle in the row, you always drive a complete round directly behind the lead vehicle. Depending on the track and size of the group, this can happen multiple times.


Attention: For our guided laps, a separate driver’s briefing will take place. This specifically deals with the introductory rounds and takes place before the regular driver’s briefing. Therefore, it is crucial to stick to the schedule. Please note that in case of a delay or a non-appearance we cannot refund the costs.


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