DMSB approved, guided training for sports drivers

Precondition for obtaining the DMSB license

For almost all Pistenclub trackdays there is the possibility to book an intensive guidance by our experienced instructors: Active Coaching. The instructor accompanies you and provides valuable hints aimed at the optimization of your driving technique - individually and spread over the entire training day. In general, our Active Coaching always includes 1 instructor for 2 participants. You and your instructor will agree on the exact schedule on the morning of the event, directly before or after the Guided Laps.

This way you will obtain practical and technical recommendations for the sporty driving on a racetrack, e.g. selecting the ideal line or determining the correct braking points. On the other hand, our Active Coaching actively promotes road safety as you learn how to control your own vehicle even in critical situations.

Our offer is principally aimed at beginners who want to complete a basic training course to learn about the route and optimize the personal driving technique. Do you already have advanced knowledge and wish an in-depth coaching to further optimize your driving skills? Then contact our team via the Pistenclub hotline, so we can compile an individual offer for you. You will find the contact details in the teaser on the right hand side. You can also tell us if you already have a “desired instructor” in mind.


Our instructors

To ensure an optimal learning effect, a team of qualified, passionate and experienced Pistenclub instructors is at your side. Our instructors possess extensive racing experience and many of them have been active in motor racing for years.

When it comes to the training of rookies, however, not only know-how, but also the transfer of knowledge is crucial. We achieve this by means of regular seminars, as for example on the Hockenheimring. This way, only well trained Pistenclub instructors belong to our team.



Precondition for obtaining the DMSB license

If you have successfully participated in our full-day Active Coaching, we will issue you a personal certificate. This is an official proof that you have passed an accredited training course, and it entitles you to participate in our licensing courses for the acquisition of a DMSB license.

A basic requirement for our Active Coaching is that your vehicle has a passenger seat, because a Pistenclub instructor will accompany you. For this reason, an existing roll cage or roll bar must also be padded on the passenger side. Open vehicles as well as formula cars are not suitable for the coaching.


Active Coaching at the Bilster Berg Drive Resort

Are you curious about how an Active Coaching can look like? Then take a look at the Pistenclub driver’s training at the Bilster Berg Drive Resort aboard a Porsche Cayman GT4.


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