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Bilster Berg

Bad Driburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

The former ammunition depot in East Westphalia

With just 10 years under its belt, the Bilster Berg is one of the youngest permanent tracks in Europe. The facility was designed by renowned architect Hermann Tilke exclusively for test drives, driving training and presentations. The track is embedded in the topographical conditions and takes over many of the former roads and paths of the former military site.

Turn 1


The finishing straight rises towards the end and makes a slight curve to the left, which makes braking into Turn 1 a particular challenge.

Turn 11


Probably the most famous curve on the Bilster Berg. The gradient of about 26% demands everything from the vehicle and the driver.

Turn 15


The Clubhouse-S is a very fluid chicane with a small gradient. If you hit the corner cleanly, you can take a lot of momentum onto the following straight.

  • Address and directions

  • You will find the nearest petrol station directly in the paddock.

To enter the paddock you will need a pass, which we will send you by e-mail after your booking.

  • Track details

  • Length:
    4.2 km
  • Turns:
  • Opening:
    April 19, 2013
  • Upcoming events

Trackday Bilster Berg
Sunday, 30.06.2024 09:00
Price: from 590€
Trackday Bilster Berg
Saturday, 31.08.2024 09:00
Price: from 590€
Trackday Bilster Berg
Friday, 27.09.2024 09:00
Price: from 590€