With our targeted coaching offer and our licensing courses, we provide just the right package for every sports driver, whether beginner or professional. These include, on the one hand, guided laps for a hassle-free exploration of the track and, on the other hand, an active coaching by our experienced instructors. On top of that, we offer you the opportunity to take part in licensing courses in accordance with DMSB guidelines for obtaining the national license level A, and to obtain the DMSB Permit Nordschleife as part of a Pistenclub trackday. Click through the following pages to learn more about our broad offer.


With the beginning of the 2015 season, race drivers need a further license in addition to the regular driver’s license, the so-called DMSB Permit Nordschleife, in order to participate in certain races on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. These include the VLN championship and the 24 hour race. Also, in this season it is possible to obtain the DMSB Permit Nordschleife during a trackday with the Pistenclub. As a DMSB certified provider, we are at your disposal with many years of experience in motorsports.


For most of our trackdays, we offer so-called guided laps, which can be booked for an extra charge of only 50 € / 55 CHF. These last approximately 30 minutes, and you will get familiar with the track in a small guided group before the free driver’s training. All drivers follow an experienced instructor in the lead car. On most routes, communication takes place via radio device or the instructor's announcements.


The Pistenclub is a DMSB-authorized provider of licensing and Nordschleife Permit courses. The distinctive feature of our license courses is, on the one hand, that we drive on real and undoubtedly the most beautiful racetracks in Europe. On the other hand, our courses also include an Active Coaching, during which our instructors provide practical tips with regard to driving techniques.


At almost every Pistenclub trackdays there is also the opportunity to book an intensive supervision with experienced instructors. From the passenger seat, the instructor assists you while driving on the track, providing valuable tips to perfect the driving style as well as practical and technical recommendations for sporty driving on the track - individually distributed throughout the entire training day.


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