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Ten years of Pistenclub

The "grey mouse" runs and is fit again

24 May 2023 | Member stories

Heinz Heutschi spent seven years building and developing the VW Golf R20 TTC. The following three years, car and driver have mastered various limits. A long-term report with ups and downs on ten years of club membership.
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    Heinz Heutschi
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    Heinz Heutschi
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Development of the R32 Turbo up to the limit

At the start of production, the VW Golf R was initially only available as a four-door model. So what do you do if you want a two-door with the largest possible engine? The renowned tuner HGP ordered a two-door Golf with the smallest engine available and swapped the engine, drivetrain and chassis with parts from a much more potent donor vehicle. Weight is correspondingly high and the number of dual intercoolers and oil coolers fitted at the front reduces cooling options / additional airflow in all other areas.

The eight-piston brake system with 300 millimetre discs decelerated very well, but got too hot and massively limited the driving pleasure and lifetime of the tyres (which also got too hot). An additional air supply was not possible because the entire front was already completely covered with radiators. As an architect and "creative building designer", I chose a pragmatic approach: overflow funnels from the sanitary area mounted under the triangular control arms lead the air directly onto the brake discs of the driven front axle, which had to be cooled. The result does not correspond to the solutions of the car industry, but it works well and significantly reduces the cooling problems at the brake system.

heutschi 4An overflow funnel from the sanitary area supplies the massive brake system with fresh air

With this in mind, we worked with Stefan Amann from the company TTC Turbotechnik in Königsbrunn to steadily develop the car and bring it to a constant speed. In one of these phases, even the right headlight was rebuilt in order to guide additional air into the engine compartment. Today, the engine bonnet is slanted and fulfils the regulation
of the air.

However, the large and heavy engine, turbocharger, all-wheel drive, radiator and original body parts ensured a high weight and thus also a high mechanical load on the Golf. Consistent relief was achieved in various places (doors and interior fittings). Since not everything has to be due to the car and not everything can be bought with money, the driver contributed his share of 15 kilograms of relief/relief through consistent action.

The "grey mouse" (inconspicuous appearance) has no aerodynamic aids, is modest on the outside, but shows off its 530 hp and 720 Nm on the circuit and brings this power to the appropriate propulsion in a controlled manner with its all-wheel drive/chassis. On the Hockenheimring, the Golf usually drives the laps in under two minutes.

In various races of the Swiss Mountain Championship, the "grey mouse" has delighted many Golf fans and also provided the driver with a lot of fun and a few championship points. The still existing overweight could be compensated with speed and sound on the straights. Without any major breakdowns or accidents, the results are quite respectable.

heutschi 7Thanks to all-wheel drive and sufficient power, the Golf can skillfully swing its hips

Better and better times and the higher stability provide a lot of driving pleasure - but the limit was soon reached. The increased cornering speeds cause the oil supply in the engine to collapse and two engine failures massively reduce the enjoyment, the account balance and the driving times. The first time justified as an unfavourable correlation, but the second time clearly a direct result of the centrifugal forces (already incurred during the running-in of the new engine).

Development of the R20 Turbo to the known level

The "grey mouse R20 TTC" held out again for the first time on 4 March 2023 and managed the long driving time with a lot of fun, leading to no complaints. We reduced the power somewhat in favour of durability. Through some fine-tuning and further weight savings, however, this is not noticeable in the overall performance of the car.

heutschi 1No road registration - no problem at the Pistenclub!

With a lot of effort the old/new result is back, the heart of the Golf 6 R20 TTC communicates and harmonises with the whole car together and allows a lot of fun. The driver's intense illness has now been overcome and the new immune system is also working perfectly. What has remained the same over the ten years is the impeccable, good organisation and preparation of the track day by the Pistenclub. What has also remained the same is the challenging drive with many speed colleagues, practising great consideration (for all participants) and great collegiality in the "non-permitted group".

Many thanks to the Pistenclub e.V. and the whole team in the front and in the background!

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