Francorchamps, Wallonia, Belgium

The famous Ardennes rollercoaster

With a length of about 7 km, the Spa-Francorchamps circuit is one of the longest permanent race tracks in Europe. Since 1925, with a few interruptions, the Belgian Grand Prix has been held in Spa. With its combination of a course that has remained almost unchanged for over 40 years and a contemporary infrastructure, the Ardennes rollercoaster is one of the highlights in our calendar.

Turn 4

Eau Rouge

The Eau Rouge is probably the most famous curve on the track. If you drive through the curve with momentum, this will help you enormously on the following climb and the long straight.

Turn 10


The Rivage is a tight right-hand bend that leads downhill. If you turn late into the bend, you do not have to correct at the exit of the bend.

Turn 7 & 8

Les Combes

You can ride through the chicanes Les Combes and the following Malmedy very smoothly. The flat curbs allow you to experiment with the line.

You will find a petrol station in the paddock. You can pay with the usual cards.


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10.04.2023 09:00
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08.05.2023 09:00
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07.06.2023 09:00
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28.08.2023 09:00
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