Mugello Circuit

The Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello, also known as Mugello Circuit, is an Italian racetrack in the north of Florence. It has a total length of approximately 5.2 kilometers and it is not only the venue for the DTM and the Moto GP, but is also frequently being used for Formula One test drives as it is owned by Ferrari. The attraction of the route lies, above all, in its extremely smooth curve combinations and the spacious run-off areas, which ensure a high level of safety. In addition, the circuit is beautifully embedded in the Tuscan countryside with its gentle hills, numerous rivers and lakes, as well as its extensive olive groves and pine forests. Although first street races took place in and around Mugello in 1914, 23 June 1974 is the official date for the inauguration of today’s permanent circuit. Drive this unique racetrack with your own car during a Trackday Mugello with the Pistenclub, the Italy specialist.


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