Red Bull Ring

The Red Bull Ring, which is approximately 4.3 kilometers long, is a racetrack in the Austrian town of Spielberg. It was opened in 1969 under the name “Österreichring”, was known as "A1-Ring" between 1997 and 2003, and was reopened in 2011 under its current owner’s name after extensive reconstruction work. The company has renovated the entire facility extensively, and it is now one of the most modern racetracks in the world. Of course, there is also a fan shop and a bistro on the pit roof, both under the flag of the energy drink. Like the surrounding landscape, the Red Bull Ring features many gradients and slopes, in which the braking points represent a particular challenge. In June 2014, after a pause of more than ten years, a Formula 1 race took place here again. The winner was Nico Rosberg. Besides the Formula 1, the DTM, ADAC GT Masters and the European Le Mans Series regularly take place at the Red Bull Ring. Over the next few years, parts of the former “Österreichring” will be restored in its original form to make the route longer and even more interesting. Every sports driver should have experienced this unique course during a Trackday Red Bull Ring with the Pistenclub.


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