Licensing courses according to DMSB guidelines

for obtaining national license level A

The Pistenclub is a DMSB-authorized provider of licensing and Nordschleife Permit courses. The distinctive feature of our license courses is, on the one hand, that we drive on real and undoubtedly the most beautiful racetracks in Europe. On the other hand, our courses also include an Active Coaching, during which our instructors provide practical tips with regard to driving techniques.

Our licensing courses entitle the holder to obtain the national license level A in accordance with the provisions of the FIA / DMSB. The dates can be found in our event overview.

As part of the included Active Coaching, an instructor will provide support and tips. This is why your vehicle must be equipped with a passenger seat. For this reason, an existing roll cage or bar on the passenger side must be padded. Open vehicles and formula vehicles are not suited for the coaching and licensing courses.


Requirements for participating in the licensing course

A completed one-day driving safety or racetrack training is a prerequisite for participating in a licensing course. This can be, for example, an Active Coaching certificate, which you receive from us after successful completion.

To prepare for the licensing course and to shorten the theoretical part of the course, the DMSB Academy's E-Learning can be used on request at the DMSB. After the course you will receive a licensing course certificate that is valid for nine months, i.e. the license must be applied for within nine months after completing the course.


Requirements for obtaining the DMSB license

In order to apply for the license, at first you need to print out the corresponding application form, which is available for download on the DMSB website. The next step is visiting a doctor who will enter the results of his check-up directly into this form. As a rule, this is your local general practitioner. If the license is issued for the first time, a passport photo is also required.

After this has been done, you can send the application and a copy of the training certificate to the DMSB and apply for your license. The license fee needs to be transferred directly to the DMSB. In order to continue to use the license in the future, an annual renewal is required.

The racing license as well as profound racing experience are prerequisites for the DMSB Permit Nordschleife, which you can also obtain from us.


On request and if minimum number of participants reached:


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