Approved guided driving training

Preconditon for obtaining the DMSB-license

At almost every Pistenclub trackdays there is also the opportunity to book an intensive supervision with experienced instructors. From the passenger seat, the instructor assists you while driving on the track, providing valuable tips to perfect the driving style as well as practical and technical recommendations for sporty driving on the track - individually distributed throughout the entire training day.

The ideal race line, brake points and bumps - all those important criteria for a good and smooth lap will be worked out for each track.

You will train with your own vehicle in order to improve your knowledge of its behavior and technology especially for the use on public roads. Active Coaching therefore does promote actively the driving safety on public roads and you will learn to control your vehicle safely, even in critical situations.


Requirements for Active Coaching at Pistenclub events

  • Your vehicle has a passenger seat
  • If the car has a rollcage, it must be also padded on the passenger's side, as the instructor will be driving with you
  • Cars without a roof and formula cars are not suitable for coaching


Our instructors


Only highly trained instructors join our Team. We achieve this through regular training, as here on 29 April 2016, at the Hockenheimring.


Active Coaching at the Bilster Berg Drive Resort

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